6 Agents Sound The Morrison Canon

This sound installation, a composition by musician Anthony Moore, is a six channel, minimalist composition for non-human voices accompanied by a granular synthesis drone played through a small acousmonium of six loudspeakers. The speakers are arranged like a vocal ensemble; deeper pitched voices come from back row of three, two ‘alto’ voices from the next row, and a high-pitched, child-like voice positioned at the front.

Each agent, text-to-speech ‘bot’ or disembodied voice, reads excerpts from texts written by Jasper Morrison. These texts provide the names of each of the five short movements of the piece; The Object Itself, The power of Identical Repetition, I Didn’t Care Much for Minimalism, Free to Multiply and to Represent an End.

The piece commences with each voice introducing itself. It lasts 8 minutes and 25 seconds followed by a pause of 20 seconds before staring again. It was realised with Ardour (open source software) and an RME UCX interface.

A World of Ordinary Things